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Need to know: Industry reacts to Gove's new 'brownfield first' plans for housing

Levelling up secretary Michael Gove this week announced more proposals aimed at driving delivery of new homes on urban brownfield sites.

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Case study: A model health and cultural centre for elderly people

This year's RIBA Stirling Prize winner, the John Morden Centre, is exemplary in its design and its broad focus on health and wellbeing, Josephine Smit writes.

Case study: Delivering sustainable homes in public-private partnership

In the housing hotspot of Cambridge a partnership of the city council and Hill Investment Partnerships is delivering sustainable homes to meet housing need, finds Josephine Smit.

Case study: Creating more welcoming outdoor spaces for teenage girls

A new park in Bradford has been designed to be more attractive and safer for teenage girls and inclusive to all, finds Josephine Smit.

Case study: A partnership approach to providing affordable homes

Brighton and Hove City Council and affordable housing provider the Hyde Group have joined forces to deliver 1,000 affordable homes and their first schemes are nearing completion, Josephine Smit writes.

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Opinion: Think about the legacy to create genuine communities

The challenge for developers in creating a sustainable community is the effective long-term management of resources, writes David Churchill.

Opinion: An Olympic Games can show off or show up a city

That was a key phrase for those planning the legacy of London's 2012 games and it is a lesson worth bearing in mind for future host locations, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Lessons from three legal decisions

The decisions on Hillside, Armstrong and M&S at Oxford Street have lessons for putting together planning applications, writes Julia Chowings.

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