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Opinion: Why do they never learn?

The gap has grown between outcomes in British regional cities and their continental counterparts, and current government policy won't close it, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: We need a grown-up policy response to the polycrisis

Government is failing to live up to its own rhetoric, with planned changes to the NPPF falling far short in helping the UK meet its carbon budget, writes Chris Brown.

Opinion: When the commonality between classes collapses

There has been a separation of interests and objectives between the working class and the middle classes that used to align with it, and divides are set to worsen, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Towards a new form of levelling up and regeneration

Policies in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and moves by rebellious backbench MPs both include some measures that may contribute to a new vision for levelling up and regeneration, writes Chris Brown.

Opinion: Make design inclusive right from the start to create better, safer cities

A gender-responsive approach to city planning and design should become business as usual and not a special consideration, writes Sowmya Parthasarathy.

Opinion: Look locally to respond to the retail revolution

Strategies for renewing or replacing declining shopping centres will be highly locational and localised, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Making the most of the opportunity in suburban build to rent

Build-to-rent suburban communities have a part to play in delivering on the levelling up agenda, writes Ian Barnett.

Opinion: We need a national review of green belt policy

The government views green belt reform as separate from levelling-up, but to some extent the green belt has driven the north-south divide, writes Ian Barnett.

Opinion: A better way of backing regeneration

As a change of prime minister raises questions about the government's planned innovation zones, Chris Brown sets out the priorities.

Opinion: Put social value on a par with health and safety in project delivery

Social value delivery is at a pivotal point and needs to learn from the health and safety agenda, writes Lisa Sanders.

Opinion: What the recent political volatility means for levelling-up

No-one in office is looking likely to have an answer for our national economic malaise, let alone a serious remedy to turn around the former industrial areas in decline, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Separate the land industry from politics to deliver the housing we need

Both local and national politics provide obstacles to the process of delivering homes, writes Ian Barnett.

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