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Tim Williams

Opinion: A plea to the next Tory leader

Whatever the long term programme to move towards levelling up, the government's short term priority should be to support the immediate spending needs of hardest hit communities, writes Tim Williams.

Lucy Anderson Boyer

Opinion: Are we on the verge of localism 2.0?

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill puts greater emphasis on allowing local voices to be heard in the planning process, but concerns remain, writes Lucy Anderson.

Mark Edgerley Boyer

Opinion: Is planning becoming more top-down or bottom up?

Mark Edgerley looks at plans to strengthen aspects of strategic planning, from neighbourhood planning to mayoral authorities.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Adapt places and buildings for the climate damage that's now inevitable

Our combined response to the climate emergency is too little, too late to prevent serious negative impacts, so we need to be working on adaptation, writes Chris Brown.

Alexis Haass Arcadis

Opinion: We need better data about the performance of cities to drive climate action

Cities have a key part to play in combatting climate change and data can help highlight their individual challenges and provide the catalyst for tackling them, writes Alexis Haass.

Tim Williams

Opinion: The conundrum of developer contributions

Australia and the UK have their own planning law and requirements around developer contributions, but serious conflicts can arise in both countries, writes Tim Williams.

Roger File

Opinion: Successful communities are about more than bricks and mortar

New neighbourhoods can thrive on the wide-ranging benefits that effective stewardship can bring, writes Roger File.

Adam Rhead

Opinion: Planned changes to the CPO system hold promise for regeneration

Proposals in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill aimed at facilitating compulsory purchase are encouraging, writes Adam Rhead, although barriers remain.

Pete Ladhams Assael

Opinion: Get creative with ground floor activation to help new urban neighbourhoods thrive

The build to rent sector's focus on community and the long term is driving creative approaches to activating ground floor spaces in urban residential development, writes Pete Ladhams.

Caroline Searle

Opinion: Adapting city plans after the pandemic

Swansea's projects are responding to the challenges brought by the pandemic and suggest potential routes to post-pandemic regeneration, writes Caroline Searle.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Learning what works in new neighbourhoods

There are numerous barriers to incorporating the popular characteristics of the vernacular into new places, but a fresh approach could provide valuable lessons, writes Chris Brown.

Tim Williams

Opinion: Where's the money for levelling up?

The levelling up and regeneration bill introduced to parliament is lacking in the resources, will and planning needed to deliver change, writes Tim Williams.

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