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Ian Barnett Leaders Romans Group

Opinion: Separate the land industry from politics to deliver the housing we need

Both local and national politics provide obstacles to the process of delivering homes, writes Ian Barnett.

James Wickham Gerald Eve

Opinion: Assessing the impact of carbon offset contributions on scheme feasibility

Carbon offset contributions for operational emissions can considerably impact scheme feasibility, but are generally not included at feasibility stage, write James Wickham, Liam Lawson Jones and Rosanna Cole.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Why focusing on neighbourhood retrofit makes sense

Retrofitting the built environment at a neighbourhood scale feels like a no-brainer for a number of reasons, writes Chris Brown.

Tim Williams

Opinion: A cooling climate for levelling up

An approaching public and private sector downturn in the UK is likely to mean levelling down, rather than levelling up, writes Tim Williams.

Ananya Banerjee, Boyer

Opinion: Community hubs are a route to more sustainable neighbourhoods

Incubator spaces and hubs are fast becoming central to community planning as enlightened landowners and other players recognise their value, writes Ananya Banerjee.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Counting the carbon cost of business as usual

Researchers have found new and existing homes in England will use up more than the country's entire carbon budget by 2050, if we continue business as usual, writes Chris Brown.

Joey Gardiner

Opinion: Why councils are likely to resist pleas to ease obligations to compensate developers for declining returns

Recent rises in build costs and drops in house prices are prompting developers to ask councils to ease obligations to help them maintain completion numbers. But authorities have reasons to hold their ground, writes Joey Gardiner.

Tim Williams

Opinion: A plea to the next Tory leader

Whatever the long term programme to move towards levelling up, the government's short term priority should be to support the immediate spending needs of hardest hit communities, writes Tim Williams.

Lucy Anderson Boyer

Opinion: Are we on the verge of localism 2.0?

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill puts greater emphasis on allowing local voices to be heard in the planning process, but concerns remain, writes Lucy Anderson.

Mark Edgerley Boyer

Opinion: Is planning becoming more top-down or bottom up?

Mark Edgerley looks at plans to strengthen aspects of strategic planning, from neighbourhood planning to mayoral authorities.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Adapt places and buildings for the climate damage that's now inevitable

Our combined response to the climate emergency is too little, too late to prevent serious negative impacts, so we need to be working on adaptation, writes Chris Brown.

Alexis Haass Arcadis

Opinion: We need better data about the performance of cities to drive climate action

Cities have a key part to play in combatting climate change and data can help highlight their individual challenges and provide the catalyst for tackling them, writes Alexis Haass.

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