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Opinion: Think about the legacy to create genuine communities

The challenge for developers in creating a sustainable community is the effective long-term management of resources, writes David Churchill.

Opinion: An Olympic Games can show off or show up a city

That was a key phrase for those planning the legacy of London's 2012 games and it is a lesson worth bearing in mind for future host locations, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Lessons from three legal decisions

The decisions on Hillside, Armstrong and M&S at Oxford Street have lessons for putting together planning applications, writes Julia Chowings.

Opinion: Rethinking residential building heights in the wake of the second staircase rule

The requirement for new residential buildings of over 18 metres in height to incorporate a second staircase could prompt developers to review or reduce the height of proposed schemes.

Opinion: What can the industry expect in 2024?

Industry commentators give their perspectives on what 2024 has in store for economic development, infrastructure and housing.

Opinion: How a poet's words pointed the way in city regeneration

Ideas can come from many quarters, as Tim Williams illustrates by explaining how poetry became the basis for a bid to work on an urban regeneration project.

Opinion: What Australia can learn from the UK's social housing sector

Australia needs to grow capacity and resources in its social and affordable housing sector and the UK could point the way, Tim Williams writes.

Opinion: Can proposed changes to PD rights help housing delivery?

Government plans to extend permitted development rights are likely to be of interest to developers and owners, but have been less well received by local authority officers, writes James Doherty.

Opinion: We need an evidence-based approach to active travel in place of reactive, populist decisions

Active travel measures are encountering some resistance in the UK, but initiatives here and overseas are providing evidence of their broad benefits, writes Gina Bugten Dinesen.

Opinion: The problem of unaffordable home ownership needs more focus

The unaffordability crisis is widely misunderstood, partly because of the lack of an international perspective, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Leeds and the long term plan for housing

Plans to boost housing and regeneration in England set out by government in July represent a welcome vision, but need to be backed by strategy and implementation, writes Sarah Cox.

Opinion: Closing housing's generational divide

Older people have significant housing wealth and are often well-represented in the planning system, while the young have little voice in planning decisions, writes David Churchill.

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