Development economics, raising funding or investment for new projects, financial viability and appraisal, and long term management of schemes.

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Need to know: Infrastructure commission calls for action to limit future flood risk

Stricter controls on new developments and investment in drainage are needed to combat intense rainfall and increased urbanisation, according to government advisor.


Need to know: Regulator downgrades financial viability ratings of 19 housing associations

Regulator of Social Housing's latest check of providers' financial resilience sees ratings of 19 downgraded in a reflection of challenging economic conditions.

Need to know: London mayor issues warning to housing associations

Greater London Authority could withdraw funding from affordable housing providers failing to maintain homes to high standards.

Need to know: West Midlands sets out investment zone ambitions

West Midlands Combined Authority is among a number of authorities that have formally submitted bids to establish new investment zones.

Opinion: What the recent political volatility means for levelling-up

No-one in office is looking likely to have an answer for our national economic malaise, let alone a serious remedy to turn around the former industrial areas in decline, writes Tim Williams.

Need to know: Levelling up secretary puts focus on local consent

Levelling up secretary Simon Clarke set out initial priorities for housing delivery at this week's Conservative Party Conference.

Analysis: Driving regeneration through investment zones

The government has opened bidding for its new investment zones, although the proposal still presents questions, Josephine Smit finds.

Opinion: Separate the land industry from politics to deliver the housing we need

Both local and national politics provide obstacles to the process of delivering homes, writes Ian Barnett.

Opinion: Assessing the impact of carbon offset contributions on scheme feasibility

Carbon offset contributions for operational emissions can considerably impact scheme feasibility, but are generally not included at feasibility stage, write James Wickham, Liam Lawson Jones and Rosanna Cole.

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