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Existing housing

Analysis: Addressing damp and mould in rented housing

Calls to radically change the way landlords respond to damp and mould in their homes have turned to action in the wake of the death of Awaab Ishak, writes Josephine Smit.

Advice: Integrating schools into mixed use developments

Including a school as part of a mixed use development can bring vitality to a scheme, but it's important that the various uses are carefully integrated, finds Ben Kochan.

Opinion: Make design inclusive right from the start to create better, safer cities

A gender-responsive approach to city planning and design should become business as usual and not a special consideration, writes Sowmya Parthasarathy.

Opinion: Making the most of the opportunity in suburban build to rent

Build-to-rent suburban communities have a part to play in delivering on the levelling up agenda, writes Ian Barnett.

Opinion: We need a national review of green belt policy

The government views green belt reform as separate from levelling-up, but to some extent the green belt has driven the north-south divide, writes Ian Barnett.

Opinion: Put social value on a par with health and safety in project delivery

Social value delivery is at a pivotal point and needs to learn from the health and safety agenda, writes Lisa Sanders.

Opinion: A cooling climate for levelling up

An approaching public and private sector downturn in the UK is likely to mean levelling down, rather than levelling up, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Community hubs are a route to more sustainable neighbourhoods

Incubator spaces and hubs are fast becoming central to community planning as enlightened landowners and other players recognise their value, writes Ananya Banerjee.

Opinion: A plea to the next Tory leader

Whatever the long term programme to move towards levelling up, the government's short term priority should be to support the immediate spending needs of hardest hit communities, writes Tim Williams.

Opinion: Are we on the verge of localism 2.0?

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill puts greater emphasis on allowing local voices to be heard in the planning process, but concerns remain, writes Lucy Anderson.

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