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Tim Williams

Opinion: Where's the money for levelling up?

The levelling up and regeneration bill introduced to parliament is lacking in the resources, will and planning needed to deliver change, writes Tim Williams.

Chris Brown

Opinion: The three megatrends that could redefine placemaking

Policy shifts and social and climate realities may have implications for businesses that have prospered in the environment of the last few years, writes Chris Brown.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Where does the balance of power lie between housebuilders and government?

From the post-Grenfell cladding crisis to planning policy, tensions have appeared in the relationship between housebuilders and government, writes Chris Brown.

Light Up Leicester Beth Walsh

Advice: Maximising the benefits of the night time economy on the high street

With lockdown lifted, councils and business improvement districts need to attract people back to urban centres with a diverse offer and events to boost night time economies, finds Ben Kochan.

Sarah Cox Carter Jonas

Opinion: Making new housing more attractive to local people

Local resistance to development is a common challenge but the Levelling up white paper's regional focus could help, writes Sarah Cox.

Centre for Ageing Better

Analysis: Are our housing policies working for all?

Local plans and housing policies are failing to provide homes for older people and the most vulnerable, writes Michael Hardware.

Simon Atha

Opinion: England's planning system needs reform rather than tidying up

Watered down measures won't address the real issues of inequality, lack of productivity and economic competitiveness for left behind regions, writes Simon Atha.

Chris Brown

Opinion: Transforming the places where people and money are flowing away

The Levelling Up White Paper sets out plans to create 20 King's Cross developments, but transformation of places most in need is difficult, writes Chris Brown.

Tim Williams

Opinion: Will green jobs lead to levelling up or levelling further downwards?

The net zero transition may be under way, but UK data shows that it is falling short in providing green jobs so far, writes Tim Williams.

Simon Barry

Opinion: How policy change could help bring later living to town centres

The rigidity of the use classes system presents challenges that limit the potential for later living development in high streets and town centres, write Simon Barry and Lewis Taylor.

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