The infrastructure to support vibrant and viable places, including transport, utilities, energy and community facilities including education, retail, leisure & recreation.

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Peckham Levels - photo by Tim Crocker

Advice: Promoting reuse of car parks and their sites

There are many opportunities to redevelop town centre car parks, but it's important to carry out surveys to determine demand and identify alternative transport options and parking schemes, finds Ben Kochan.


Advice: Promoting last mile delivery of goods sustainably

With increasing amounts of goods being ordered online, local authorities need to promote the use of hubs to ensure deliveries are kept to a minimum and low carbon vehicles are used, finds Ben Kochan.

Opinion: We can't create gender-inclusive cities without a gendered perspective in planning policy

Many women feel unsafe walking alone in cities after dark but planning policy is largely failing to respond to gender-specific needs, writes Olivia Docker.

Coming up: Watford council to open town hall to community

Architect Feilden Clegg Bradley's plans for listed building include new home for local museum, cafe and SME workspace.

Advice: Integrating schools into mixed use developments

Including a school as part of a mixed use development can bring vitality to a scheme, but it's important that the various uses are carefully integrated, finds Ben Kochan.

Advice: Creating water-efficient housing development

With increasing water shortages, planners need to negotiate for developers of new housing to install water-efficient appliances and rainwater harvesting systems, finds Ben Kochan.

Advice: Promoting use of electric vehicles

With a growing number of electric vehicles being sold, councils need to expand charging infrastructure using their own sites and on streets, finds Ben Kochan.

Review: Improving green space in the city

Brighton & Hove City Council's Valley Gardens project has reduced vehicle dominance and created an attractive ribbon of green space, which is pedestrian and cycle friendly, finds Michael Doyle.

Opinion: The practicalities of future-proofing neighbourhoods for net zero

Almost every new housing estate being built now is obsolescent, writes Chris Brown, and we don't yet have an integrated approach to renewable electricity.

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