Placemaking Summit

Our Expert Speaker Panel...

Steve Quartermain Steve Quartermain
Chief Planner
Department for Communities and Local Government

Sir Edward Lister Sir Edward Lister
Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor, Policy and Planning

Greater London Authority  
Lord Kerslake Richard Garlick
Peabody and King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Miranda Kimball Miranda Kimball
Design & Placemaking Manager
Battersea Power Station Development Company
Sam Monck Sam Monck
Assistant Director Environment & Transport
London Borough of Camden
David Hills
Dr Julie Grail Julie Grail
Chief Executive
British BIDs
Robert Adam Robert Adam
David Roberts David Roberts
Deputy Chief Executive
Igloo Regeneration
Chris Lamb Chris Lamb
Design South East
Jane Briginshaw Jane Briginshaw
Head of Design and Sustainability
Homes & Communities Agency
Ros Morgan Ros Morgan
Chief Executive
Lindsey Richards Lindsey Richards
Head of Midlands South
Homes and Communities Agency 
 Anna Strongman Anna Strongman
Senior Projects Director
David Rudlin David Rudlin

Thomas Bender Thomas Bender
  Lead Advisor for Design Review, Cabe
Design Council

Michael Heap Michael Heap
 Neil McCourt Neil McCourt
Retail Managing Director
Tesco Plc
Peter Barbalov Peter Barbalov
Robin Buckle  Robin Buckle
Head of Urban Design
Transport For London
Richard Garlick Richard Garlick
Planning & PlacemakingResource
Tony Thompson DCLG
Deputy Head – Development Management Division
Department for Communities and Local Government
Phil Mason  Michael Critch
Head of Planning and Regeneration 
Cornwall Council
Ali Pretty Ali Pretty
Artistic Director

Our Speakers Say...

Peter Barbalov, Partner, Farrells

Peter Barbalov "Citymaking is top of the agenda again in the 21 st  century  - UK cities population is projected to grow significantly in the near future. Cities will need to accommodate for this growth, for people that need to live and work in them.

This brings a new set of challenges  - density, mixed-use, enhanced infrastructure, and the what is needed to make cities and places successful – homes, schools, hospitals, green and public open spaces.

The challenge is of retrofitting the cities and urban areas building and enhancing on what is already there – after  the world’s first industrial revolution, now we are at the beginnings of the first post-industrial revolution - we  are going back and rethinking the cities and the way they work, upgrading backlands to frontlands, improving infrastructure and increasing density.  

Key to the success of this is Placemaking as a process and a way of thinking - bringing together the various stakeholders, integrating the challenges and opportunities facing our cities in the 21 st  Century."

David Rudlin, Director, URBED

David Rudlin "Development in the UK is becoming polarised between garden cities and high rise apartment blocks.

There may be a place for both, but what happened to the sort of high-density mixed-use streets and neighbourhoods that make up the tissue of every great city?

Before the recession we had started to get this right and as urban land markets once more start to boom we need to ensure that we don't forget the art of city building so recently rediscovered'"      

Richard Garlick, Editor of Planning Magazine and PlacemakingResource:

Richard Garlick "This event has been designed to provide an insight into the factors that, alongside planning, are key to delivering great places.

Delegates will hear expert presentations on town centre management, urban design, community involvement, funding and finance and affordable housing.

Planners seeking a wider perspective, as well as applicants seeking a greater understanding of what makes a scheme well-received, will find plenty of sessions that meet their information needs"


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