The environmental impact and sustainability of new places and developments, including energy efficiency, carbon reduction and greening..

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Analysis: Verdict on the chancellor's autumn statement

The autumn statement contains measures aimed at driving housebuilding, regeneration and growth but those in the industry question if they go far enough, Josephine Smit finds.


Opinion: We need an evidence-based approach to active travel in place of reactive, populist decisions

Active travel measures are encountering some resistance in the UK, but initiatives here and overseas are providing evidence of their broad benefits, writes Gina Bugten Dinesen.

Case study: A model health and cultural centre for elderly people

This year's RIBA Stirling Prize winner, the John Morden Centre, is exemplary in its design and its broad focus on health and wellbeing, Josephine Smit writes.

Opinion: We need a new template for how we develop our cities

An approach that is both human-centric and focuses on sustainability is central to shaping city success, writes Federica Buricco.

Review: Creating a motorway service area to integrate with sensitive surroundings

The Leeds Skelton Lake Service area has been sensitively designed to integrate with a neighbouring nature reserve and provide public facilities for all, find Owen Thomas and Laura Holland.

Case study: Delivering sustainable homes in public-private partnership

In the housing hotspot of Cambridge a partnership of the city council and Hill Investment Partnerships is delivering sustainable homes to meet housing need, finds Josephine Smit.

Advice: Minimising overheating in new housing

In the face of climate change, planners and urban designers need to consider how new homes will be cooled from the earliest stages of development, finds Ben Kochan.

Case study: Creating more welcoming outdoor spaces for teenage girls

A new park in Bradford has been designed to be more attractive and safer for teenage girls and inclusive to all, finds Josephine Smit.

Advice: Promoting last mile delivery of goods sustainably

With increasing amounts of goods being ordered online, local authorities need to promote the use of hubs to ensure deliveries are kept to a minimum and low carbon vehicles are used, finds Ben Kochan.

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